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Her Journey

Vidushi Shalmalee Joshi 's journey began in Sangli (Maharashtra state) where she learnt the first few lessons in music from her mother Mrs Madhuri Kulkarni.

She then learnt further from Pt.Chintubua Mhaiskar -a well known teacher of hindustani music in Sangli.Her exceptional breath control was aided by her participation in gymnastics in school. After learning the basic raagas alaap-taans and developing a deep understanding of laya she delivered a stunning performance in a competition in her concluding days at school .This was a competition event organised by Sangeet Sadhana group and Karale trust at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in Sangli in the eighties.Here,at a young age while in her 10th standard She performed a 'Bhupal todi" with astonishing command and superb tayyari. 

She then married Shri Sunil Joshi in 1994.He being a banking professional and a  stage artist and being raised in an atmosphere of music in his home due to kirtans of warkari sampraday and the visits of musicians critics and music lovers,  turned out to be the right choice of spouse for her who understood and supported her arduous journey in music .Her career was to reach a turning point after they approached the Jaipur gharana maestro Pt.Ratnakar Pai in Mumbai under whom she received intense taleem for 15 years.

The Jaipur gharana is known for its clear aakar tightly composed bandishes jod-raagas and strict adherence to raag Swaroop and grammar.Vidushi Shalmalee Joshi painstaking devotion to music and guru enabled her to imbibe all Jaipur gharana musical tenets and facets , thus turning out to be an "ashtapailu" (multi-dimensional) vocalist.

Having performed at major centres and festivals in india, the highlight of her performing career was an all-conquering  USA concert tour from Sept to Nov. 2018. An astonishing 24 concerts across USA without repeating a single raaga  thrilled the audience and impressed the connoisseurs. Her memorable multi-dimensional perfomances -many on audience demand - were anwat (rare) n jod-ragas, Tappa, Hori, Rajasthani folk n  devotional bhajans too. These were showcased across the major cities of USA such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles (California) , Houston, Phoenix (Arizona), and Washington DC.

Her journey in music is a reflection of her 'sadhana' which continues with full vigour in India where she is being recognized as the foremost exponent of Jaipur gharana by the major curators organisers and impresarios.

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