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Vidushi Shalmalee Joshi is an artist by birth nature and temperament..One of her earliest recordings in her school days testifies to this.Her gurus include her mother Mrs Madhuri Kulkarni -her first guru.
Things got out of the playful into the serious zone when she started learning from Pt Chintubua Mhaiskar of Sangli
Later on her search for a guru led her through a laborious circuitous path through indifferent gurus until she finally got to the doorstep of the Jaipur gharana maestro. Pt Ratnakar Pai.
Paibuwa taught her the basic tenets and advanced rare raagas of Jaipur gharana...a gharana known as the most esoteric and pedagogical gharanas of Hindustani music.
She sings with effortless ease now ragas like godhani and meghavali...ragas which most people haven't heard of.
She lives in Kolhapur at present but her musical edifice and career were shaped in Mumbai.
Exceptional three octave voice range, uniform timber, pinpoint accurate swar-lagaav, easy mellifluous flow in superfast taans are the hallmarks of her art.
She is the only hindustani vocal artist who can do an entire 3 hour concert on Rajasthani folk music.
Vidushi Shalmalee Joshi is therefore a rare elusive artist who art is sublime and elusive to grasp but whose music can move even the common listener's heart.

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